I'm an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo State and a historian of the nineteenth-century British Empire, the Modern Caribbean, and comparative slavery and emancipation. My research interests include colonial administration in postemancipation Jamaica, disasters, Black Europe, language politics, sports and the rise of the British Commonwealth, and more broadly, the ever-changing relationship between the United Kingdom and the Anglophone Caribbean. I teach courses that cover Caribbean history from contact to the present; Britain from the Glorious Revolution to the present; European imperialism; the slave trade, slavery, and emancipation across the Atlantic World; and the history and politics of disaster.

I'm a product of Hampton Roads, Virginia; Duke University (AB, 2005); and Princeton University (MA, 2007; PhD, 2012).



Mail: SUNY Buffalo State, History and Social Studies Education Department, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222-1095
Email: christienna [at] cdfryar [dot] com
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